Ovalhouse – The Diary of a Hounslow Girl

Written and performed by Ambreen Razia at Ovalhouse. Photographs courtesy of Louis Giles.

**** Theatre Bubble

 ‘witty, sharp, humorous comedy’

‘As Shahida, adeptly directed by Sophie Moniram, Razia is a chameleon as she effortlessly switches between the portrayals of a anxious mother, overbearing aunt or buxom and overweight friend. Her Shahida is cutting, mocking and empathetic by turns. She is also good at leading the audience up several cultural blind alleys: by challenging the prevailing stereotype of how we might expect and even want a play about young British Muslim women to pan out, she takes the right creative risk by saying what she wants to say, how she wants to say it… This a young woman who is wide awake and who manages to speak to all: no matter race, age or gender.’

– Verity Healey, Theatre Bubble


‘Alongside laugh out loud moments, the play non directly asks hugely important and imminent questions about the struggles of identity felt by second generation immigrants’

‘Brilliant moments are born out of the contrast of our character’s two coexisting worlds’

‘high energy humorous portrayal of a girl’s London High School life’

– Lloyd, SOOBAX

This production was produced by Ovalhouse as their 33% Commission; a commission which promotes diversity and supports younger voices in being heard within the industry.

The play explores the tensions experienced by a teenager growing up with the conflicting cultural pressures of her Pakistani Muslim family and her rebellious school friends.