Written by August Strindberg in a version by David Greig. Performed at The Cockpit Theatre. Photographs courtesy of Elyse Marks Photography.

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Gustav has come back. To make mischief. And who can blame him?

Restless Tekla is married to Adolph,  but she was Gustav’s wife first.  And to make things worse, Adolph and Tekla began their love affair when Tekla was still married to Gustav. Now Adolph and Tekkla live their lives in fear, as if waiting for fate to take back what they stole. But Adolph doesn’t realise that their nemesis has already slipped in through the back door…

A sexy and savage play on male anxieties. Brought to scintillating life in a gloriously  venomous adaptation by award winning Scottish playwright David Greig. This version of the play premiered at the Donmar Warehouse in 2008.

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